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Lashes and Brows

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

Lash FX eyelashes and products have been researched and developed by experienced beauty professionals to exceptionally high standards.

The lashes used are synthetic and come in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and curvatures to create different looks and meet the needs of all clients.

They open up and frame the eyes and are a great alternative to mascara for many clients. They can be used to create a natural or dramatic look and are suitable for all age groups.

The lashes can last for up to 4 weeks although an eyelash infill or top up is recommended every 2-3 weeks to fill in spaces where some have naturally shed. This makes sure they look their best whilst also preventing damage to the natural lashes.

If lashes are properly looked after and maintained they can last for months or even years.

During the application process a synthetic lash is applied to each individual natural lash using the finest medical grade adhesive.

Please note-
  • A patch test is required prior to treatment to ensure you are not allergic to the glue or products.

  • Please ensure that you remove all eye makeup (eyeliner, mascara, eyeliner) before arriving for your appointments, as makeup removal by us during your lash appointment will take up our time resulting in fewer lashes being applied.
  • Prices

    Full set lashes £55 (1hr 30-2hrs)
    Lash infill after 2 weeks £25 (45 min-1hr)
    Lash infill after 3 weeks £35 (1hr-1hr 15 min)

    Express Lashes £35 (45 mins) Lasts for 2 weeks.
    Patch test not required (sensitive glue used only)
    Removal recommended after 2 weeks - £5

    All lash appointments after 3 weeks will result in a full set being required and will be charged at £55 (1hr 30-2hrs).
    Lash removal (if no longer required) £10 (30 min)

    Lashes will naturally fall out with your own lashes as part of the natural growth cycle.

    It is vital that you follow the aftercare advice after the application of your lashes, which will be explained to you by your lash technician during your appointment; as this will ensure your lashes last well and look their best.

    Precision Brows

    Precision Brow treatment is designed to give clients the best and most flattering eyebrow shape possible. During the treatment we will work with your natural brow shape using techniques such as: tinting, waxing, tweezing, threading and pencilling to design and create the most perfect and stunning brows for you!

    Your brow artist will also educate you on how to maintain your brows between appointments for the best results.

    *If brows have been severely over-plucked, it may be necessary to regrow them as much as possible prior to your appointment to get the best results from your treatment; however a growth programme can be discussed and built into your on-going maintenance plan.

    Please note-
  • A patch (tint) test is required before treatment.

  • Precision Brows £23 1hr
  • This treatment can be carried out every month or can be alternated with other brow treatments such as eyebrow waxing or eyebrow waxing and tinting (please see 'waxing and hair removal' and 'tinting treatments').


    Ultimate Lash Lift

    Ultimate Lash Lift £36

    Please note-
    • (lashes are coloured and lifted) skin test required 24hrs before

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